Boys 19 World Championship Bandy 2024

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Welcome to Oslo and Norway!

The Norwegian Bandy Federation (NBF) is excited to announce that the World Championship in Bandy for Boys 19 will be hosted in Oslo from January 19-21, 2024.

This championship is a fantastic opportunity for young talent to showcase their skills and love for bandy. Oslo, with its beautiful scenery and rich culture, is the perfect setting for this international gathering. The Norwegian Bandy Federation is eager to share our city and our passion for bandy with participants and spectators. We invite fans and supporters to come and enjoy the matches at Voldsløkka in Oslo, creating an electric atmosphere and making this World Championship a memorable experience.

Let’s celebrate the spirit of bandy together, make new friends, and create lasting memories against the backdrop of Oslo’s charm. The Norwegian Bandy Federation looks forward to hosting an unforgettable event and sharing the joy of bandy with the global community!

Match schedule


  • 10:00: Norway vs. Finland (Nor-Fin)
  • 14:00: Finland vs. Sweden (Fin-Swe)
  • 18:00: Sweden vs. Norway (Swe-Nor)


  • 10:00: Finland vs. Norway (Fin-Nor)
  • 14:00: Norway vs. Sweden (Nor-Swe)
  • 18:00: Sweden vs. Finland (Swe-Fin)


  • 12:00: Final
Results and highlights


10:00: Norway – Finland: 1-2

Highlights NOR-FIN

14:00: Finland – Sweden: 1-3

Highlights FIN-SWE

18:00: Sweden – Norway: 2-2

Highlights SWE-NOR


10:00: Finland – Norway: 0-3

Highlights FIN-NOR

14:00: Norway – Sweden: 0-7

Highlights NOR-SWE

18:00: Sweden – Finland: 4-3

Highlights SWE-FIN



12:00: Sweden – Norway: 11-6

Highlights SWE-NOR – FINAL
Teams and referees
Team Sweden
1Alvin UngerEdsbyns IF
13Rasmus KarlssonIFK Motala
10Albin BysellEdsbyns IF
16Axel TapperIK Sirius
7Colin DahlbergIK Sirius
14Eric JältbornVetlanda BK
8Gustaf DoktareKatrineholm Bandy
12Ivar SundströmEdsbyns IF
4Kalle ErikssonLjusdals BK
2Melker HolmbergVästerås SK
11Oskar AlfredssonVästerås SK
9Rasmus GustafssonLjusdals BK
5Vilgot MüllerIK Tellus
15Ville ThornbergVilla Lidköping
6Wilhelm FrimodigVästerås SK
3Wille LarssonSandvikens AIK


Team manager: Christian Granqvist
Coach: Daniel Skarps
Assistant coach: Johan Berglund
Sharpener: Stefan Sandgren
Physio/Material: Annica Fredell

Team Finland
12Henri MattilaOLS
1Eelis LaitinenHIFK
27Fredrik LaurilaNarukerä
21Otto HuopalainenAkilles
74Joonatan HämäläinenKampparit
79Touko TähtinenKampparit
61Filip SvennasAkilles
6Milo LaurentHIFK
4Ilmari PesonenBotnia
15Tarmo ÄssämäkiEdsbyn
66Iiro VäkipartaHIFK
20Sebastian SauvalaVeiterä
62Simo VainikkaVänersborg
87Elmer LönnbergAkilles
10Juuso PartanenHIFK
8Jonathan HyttinenKatrineholm


Head Coach: Pekka Hiltunen

Team Leader: Pasi Hiltunen

Assistant Coach: Harri Hiukka

Materials Manager: Juha Niiranen

Team Norway
1. Miko Hatlebrekke-SkjeiHauger
12. Eirik Rye-PedersenRøa
5. Sivert Willoch-HaugenRøa
7. Haakon Mæhlum JohansenRøa
10. Henrik TusethRøa
18. Simen FarnesDrammen
15. Herman Blichfeldt SundheimStabæk
21. Mikkel HartbergUllevål
3. Andreas DyngeDrammen
8. Herman NordbyRøa
11. Daniel PundsnesHauger
2. Vetle VidjelandStabæk
16. Anton PhilippenkoRøa
22. Håkon Sæl SteenStabæk
9. Tyler MyrmoEdsbyn
6. Bendik GommerudMjøndalen


National Team Captain Bjørn Buskqvist
Team Manager Anders M. Christensen
Materials Manager Yngve Mjåland


Head referees

Fredrik Bjørseth (NOR)

Daniel Labe (SWE)

Mats-Olof Gustafsson (FIN)

Assistant referees

Emil Larshans (SWE)

Joakin Grothaug (NOR)

Jami Pöysä (FIN)


Egil Larsen (NOR)

Pär Billsmon (SWE)

Ticket information

All tickets are sold directly at the arena. Tickets can be paid for with card, cash, or Vipps.

Ticket prices:

Single game: 150 NOK.

Day pass: 250 NOK.

Entire championship: 500 NOK.

All under 16 enter for free.


All matches are broadcasted live and ticket can be purchased here:

Instructions for watching a match you have a ticket for

Open your mailbox and find your ticket. 

The ticket is sent from «TicketCo AS»

If you want to watch the ticket on your computer, click the link in the e-mail. 

If you want to see the match on another computer or in another browser

To watch the match on on AppleTV or Android Smart TV

  • Download the app TicketCo TV
  • Enter the reference code on your ticket (5 characters)

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Live updates

All matches can be followed live on «Bandygrytan».

You can follow the group stage matches directly here:

The final can be followed here:

You can also download their app on the App Store or Google Play: Bandygrytan.


All matches will be played at Ullernbanen, Lysehagen 44, 0382 Oslo


You may travel with subway number 3 direction Kolsås and get off at Bjørnsletta stop. Travel time from the city center (Nationaltheateret) is about 15 minutes.

Warming room

It’s reported to be cold in Oslo, especially on Friday. A warming room has been set up where spectators and supporters can warm up under and between matches. The warming room is inside the red clubhouse and marked with: warming room


Players, staff and referees

All players, staff and referees will live at Quality Hotel™ Hasle Linie, your base for the bandy World Cup, offers a central location just eight minutes from Oslo’s central hub by subway. Enjoy international bistro classics at The Social Bar & Bistro and stay fit at the 1600-square-meter Sterk Helse fitness center with discounted rates for guests.

The hotel has 211 rooms, including large family options and connecting double rooms. Consider our 475-square-meter Storsalen for conferences, accommodating up to 450 people. Book online or email us for conference inquiries.

Family, spectators and fans

Family, spectators, and fans can enjoy discounted rates at Thon Hotels. If you want to book a hotel with our favorable terms, you can make a reservation through this link:

Visit Oslo

Oslo is Norway’s capital and largest city. There are over one million inhabitants in Oslo, including eleven nearby municipalities.

The capital is a green city, which in 2019 was named Europe- an environmental capital.

Proximity to nature is one of the great advantages of the city. Ice skating and skiing in the winter – and sea and swimming in the summer. All just a quick T-bane ride away. Two-thirds of Oslo is covered by forests and parks and the fjord.

In 1918, Arnstein Arneberg and Magnus Poulsson won a competition to design City Hall, but three decades passed before it was completed and opened in 1950.

The town hall, also called the Festsalen, is one of Norway’s largest and most important representative rooms. It is in this room the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded.

Read more about oslo here:

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